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Wakiso-Mukono Building Plans Approval

As Mapok Construction Limited, we handle the project design (drawings/plans) either with an in-house Architect or an established design partner/registered & practicing Architect, and registered & practicing Structural Engineer, it streamlines communication and helps speed up the construction process. You also have the option of using an Architect of your choice to work with (us) your General Contractor, the Architect/Structural Engineer should also be able to advise whether the soil texture is strong enough to carry the intended building.

Before you break ground on site, in Wakiso or Mukono District, you need to have an approved plan from the district. It takes about two weeks or a month for the District to review and approve a building plan. If you don’t have approved plans, the people onsite can be arrested, materials/tools/equipment confiscated, the existing structure demolished and the Developer and people onsite taken to courts of Law.

Approval fees for commercial construction (school, church, apartments, industrial plant etc.) on average cost between UGX 800,000 and UGX 3,500,OOO. You need to have 2 copies of Architectural drawing stamped and signed by a registered & practicing Architect including his/her phone number, if it is a stored building then it requires 2 copies of Structural drawing stamped and signed by a registered & practicing Structural Engineer including his/her phone number, Mechanical drawings. Electrical drawings. A genuine land title or a planning consent letter from the Buganda Land Board. Geological structure studies, clearance from the factory bodies; waste management proposals and engineering supervising agreement. Environmental Impact Assessment certificate. Don’t forget to pick the job card from the building inspector once the drawings are approved.

Assessment and approval fees for basic construction on average cost between UGX 700,000 and UGX 900,000.

There must be a site inspection by the district engineer, health official, and physical planner, building inspector. Any approved building plan is considered null and void if erection of the structure does not commence in 18 months from the date of approval or not completed within two years and six months. After elapse of the approval, a developer is required to halt construction and submit a fresh request for approval.

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