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Lack of site clearance can affect your structure.

The main purpose of site clearance is to remove vegetation and most IMPORTANTLY, the surface layer of soil referred to as topsoil. It is necessary to remove this layer of soil, as it is unsuitable to build on.

This surface layer of soil is difficult to compact down due to the high content of vegetation matter, which makes the composition of the soil soft and loose. The topsoil also contains various chemicals that encourage plant growth, which may adversely affect some
structures over time.

In some instance, the excavated topsoil may not be transported off site, where the building projects
include garden plots, the topsoil may just need to be stored on site, thus reducing excessive labour and transportation costs. However, where this is the case the topsoil must be stored well away from areas where buildings are to be erected or materials are to be stored, to prevent contamination of soil or materials.ONCE THE SITE CLEARANCE IS COMPLETE, EXCAVATIONS FOR THE FOUNDATION CAN START.

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