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KCCA revised construction rules

For you (the developer) to obtain a building plan (approved) and a Job Card you must prove to KCCA that you have a qualified Contractor and the Project is supervised by a registered & practicing Architect and a registered & practicing Engineer at all stages of the construction.

The Developer is expected to erect a sign board at a convenient and prominent position adjacent to the site, detailing the project, the name of client, Contractor, Architect and Structural Engineer.

The Developer should give notice to KCCA, specifying the date and time of commencement and the same notice should be given to KCCA Building Inspector at all stages of the construction. Each of the construction processes must, at the relevant time, be ticked (by Architect, Structural Engineer & Building Inspector) off on the Job Card issued at the point of approving the Drawings.

The Developer keeps on site a copy of Approved architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings, the job card (records) of inspection on site, including dates of inspection, signatures, observations, comments and instruction book/instructions issued by the technical team.

Any approved building plan is considered null and void if erection of the structure does not commence in 18months from the date of approval or is not completed within two years and six months. After elapse of the approval, the developer is required to halt construction and submit a fresh request for approval. On completion of construction, the developer or Architect shall duly complete application forms applying for occupation permit/certificate of occupation, inspection fees paid and KCCA shall issue a written permit of occupation.

As Mapok Construction Limited, we handle the project design (drawings/plans) either with an in-house Architect or an established design partner/registered & practicing Architect, and registered & practicing Structural Engineer, it streamlines communication and helps speed up the construction process. You also have the option of using an Architect of your choice to work with (us) your General Contractor, the Architect/Structural Engineer should also be able to advise whether the soil texture is strong enough to carry the intended building.

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