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What work do you do exactly?

We construct housing complexes, office towers, shopping malls, residential homes, schools, churches, housing estates, industrial plants, renovation, roads, bridges, tunnels drainages, Bills of Quantities, and Drawings.

What will it cost?

The construction cost will depend on many factors such as location, size and type of building, building and finishing materials and fixtures, to name a few.

Will I need a building permit?

You will require a building permit for construction and renovation, we will obtain it on your behalf or you, yourself can obtain the necessary permits and the process will usually include the cost.

How long will it take?

The length of time to complete your construction project will depend on the scope of the project. A commercial office building for example could take up to eight months or more. Also, delay in the permitting process and weather can impact construction time.

Who handles the design?

We handle the project design either with an in-house architect or an established design partner, it streamlines communication and helps speed up the construction process. You also have the option of using an architect of your choice to work with (us) your general contractor.

How long have you been in the business?

We first went informal in Uganda and made a good profile for 14years from 6th January, 2003 to 7th December, 2017 and the company was incorporated on 8th December, 2017.

Do you have the expertise and technical skills to carry out the project work?

We are legally operating with the requisite professional knowledge, skills and technical resources.

Will you be subcontracting any of the work?

While we will perform most of the construction work, we will also use a variety of sub-contractors that have expertise in mechanical, landscaping and other specialties that your construction or renovation may require. We will schedule and supervise the sub-contractors while they are working on your building site.

Who purchases the building materials?

We purchase quality materials that meet our standards to help speed up the construction process and avoid sending away the materials that do not meet our standards. You also have the option of providing to us quality construction materials that we requisition on condition that you don’t deliver any material before it is approved by us and this process will usually include the cost of time spent by our staff in the process of approving the materials. Deliver on time and covenant to promptly take back the materials that do not meet our standards.

Who provides the machinery?

We provide the machineries if the responsibility of purchasing the building material is on our side. You have the option of providing Machinery if you choose the option of providing to us quality construction materials

Do I need an independent consultant?

You may engage independent person(s) to audit, monitor, and crosscheck the quality and nature of work being performed by us.

Are you not expensive?

We take note that you have a financial plan while we pride ourselves in delivering projects that achieve the desired quality within the agreed cost and on time. Ask/contact us today for all your construction needs +256 750 340 098

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